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Season news 2013/14

Each year, manufacturers of skis and other winter sports equipment improve their products by developing new technologies. Let us present you some of them.

Fischer has developed a hybrid ski

The Hybrid 7.0 is both a rocker and a non-rocker ski. And it is up to you to choose which one you prefer for the actual snow conditions and terrain. Thanks to a lever on the ski´s surface, you can switch on/off the rocker mode. Enjoy the advantages of  “rocker on” when off piste or for short turn performance. “Rocker off“ is great for long and aggressive turns on groomed pistes.
With its braod center of 75mm, this new Fischer ski can score with a multifunctional usage in all terrains – on and off the pistes.

This is what it looks like:

Fischer Hybrid Ski 7.0
Fischer Hybrid Ski 7.0


Salomon presents innovative ski goggles

Salomon proves again its competence in snow goggles and presents its new product line based on innovative technology:

1)     Slim frames result in a new goggle design, allowing for larger glasses and extending the visual field by 20%.

2)     The Thermo Control System creates a vacuum which makes humidity disappear, leading to better air circulation and a clear view.

3)     A flexible membrane between facial cushioning and frame helps to adapt the goggles to any shape of face and head.

This is what the innovative Salomon ski goggles look like:

Salomon XTEND XPRO 12
Salomon XTEND XPRO 12


F2, the snowboard specialist, presents the twist board

Get the surf feeling on snow with the innovative twist boards by F2. Making turns and gliding easy, these boards give snowboarders the feeling of surfing on snow. Two flexible decks which turn in opposite directions make the big difference to “conventional” snowboards.  A patented, spring-loaded joint links the decks. Enjoy extremely easy and smooth turns once you know the trick how to shift your body weight.

See how the F2 twist effect works:

F2 Twistboard: Der Twisteffekt
F2 Twistboard: Der Twisteffekt


Great news for fans of touring skis: the tracker binding

With their tracker binding, Salomon und Atomic have created a great mixture of ski and touring binding. Enjoy incomparable downhill performance with the low profile chassis, which creates greater stability and direct contact to the terrain thanks to a lower platform. The special oversized platform guarantees optimal power transmission. No more annoying taking off your skis from ski to hike mode thanks to the innovative hike & switch-system. 

ATOMIC Tourenbindung Tracker


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