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Frequently asked questions

SPORT 2000 rent will answer the most frequently asked questions here.

1. Where can I find SPORT 2000 rent?

SPORT 2000 rent is one of the biggest rental organisations in Europe, represented with shops in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic and Andorra. Find a detailed list of our sites in the "Resorts overview". Or simply enter the first letter(s) of your holiday destination in the "City" field. You will be shown the appropriate list of our attractive sites. 

2. Are skiing poles included when renting skis?

Yes, ski poles are always included in ski and the ski set (skis + ski boots + poles). At some of our partners you can also rent individual ski gear, like e.g. poles, in addition.

3. Are there any extra costs when paying?

No, there are no extra administration or transaction costs. This makes us one of the very few rental providers who do not charge extra fees.

4. Which forms of payment will be accepted?

In general, we provide the following forms of payment: electronic direct debit (Austria, Germany) as well as Sofort.banking and Paypal. Depending on your country, not all forms of payment may be applicable.

5. When do I receive my travel documents?

You will receive your travel documents some minutes after finishing your online-booking. Please print these documents. You have to present them at the local SPORT 2000 rent shop to be handed out the gear.

6. Where can I edit my personal data like weight and size? 

In "My account".

7. What data can I see in "My account"?

A summary of current and former bookings, data of the persons travelling with you and travel information of your holiday destination.

8. Why do I have to enter my body data (weight & size)?

To ensure a quick and stress-free ski rental at our local SPORT 2000 rent shop and to avoid long waiting times, we recommend you to specify the correct body data of all persons travelling with you. Body weight and size are important to choose the right skis in the right length with the right binding settings. This is a key factor for your own safety when skiing as correctly set bindings will minimise the risk of injuries.

9. Do I have to bring my travel documents to the local SPORT 2000 rental shop ?

Yes, you have to bring a printed copy of the travel documents (= voucher). We recommend you to regard this voucher like cash.

10. Does a booking include a ski assurance/ protection fee?

Usually, a ski assurance can be completed at your local SPORT 2000 rent shop. Some of our Suisse partners provide this option with the general online booking. In some of the shops, ski assurance is also included in the set price. If this is the case, this will be stated on your travel documents.

12.  How do I know that my booking was successful?

Once you have completed your booking, you will receive an email from us. This is your official SPORT 2000 rent booking confirmation.

13.  Where do I find the address or phone number of the SPORT 2000 rental shop?

The address and phone number of your SPORT 2000 rental shop as well as a google map description will be included in your travel documents (= voucher).

14.  How can I modify or cancel my booking?

During the booking process, you can easily navigate between the single booking steps. If you have already completed your booking, please contact our SPORT 2000 rental team at including your name, the booking number and date.

15.  Can I do my booking via telephone?

No, all bookings must be done via our website

16.  Can I do group bookings?

Booking for groups is the same as booking for individual persons. Please choose the "Group booking" menu (active as of November 2012). Please contact our SPORT 2000 rental team at or +43 7612 780511 for further information.

17.  How much do I save with a SPORT 2000 rent online booking compared to a booking at the local rental shop?

Find your savings compared to a booking at the local rental shop in your booking summary in the shopping cart (difference between normal price and online price). You save about 10% compared to the local shop price.

18.  Where can I find the price list of the local rental shop?

To view the price list, go to the "Ski rental" menu. In the "Resorts overview" menu, click on the appropriate destination where you will see the list.

19.  What do the individual quality categories mean (3 star, 4 star, 5 star, 6 star)?

Find  a detailed description of the quality categories and all rental products in the "Ski rental equipment" section.

20.  Which rental gear can I book at SPORT 2000 rent (skis, boards, poles, boots, fun gear)?

Find an overview of our products in the "Rental ski equipment" gear. Each rental shop has an individual selection of products, which will be shown in the third booking step "Shopping cart".

21.  Do you have any questions, wishes or suggestions?

Please contact our SPORT 2000 rental team for questions, wishes or suggestions via mail or phone  +43 7612 780511.