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New products and trends for the 2018/2019 winter season

The snowfall has finally also set in on the lower areas of Austria! Thus an awesome winter season begins which, above all, brings one thing for you: a lot of fun! While the anticipation of being on the slopes and in the snowy winter landscape increases, we have not only informed you about new products and trends. We have also put a variety of ski models together clearly arranged for you, since the countless manufacturers and ski applications make it a little difficult to keep track.

Which ski suits me?

A question that you should definitely ask yourself before buying new skis. In general, a ski that fits everyone does not exist. When choosing your new ski, the manufacturer is not a crucial criterion. Aspects such as ability, skiing style and terrain are the ones that play an important role. In addition, skis differ in length, width, sidecut, flex & torsion and preload. That's why it's even more important that you get professional advice from your SPORT 2000 dealer.

An overview of ski types

The Easy carver is a ski designed especially for beginners and slower speeds. Due to its small to medium radius of curvature, the ski turns well, being also light and forgiving. This means that it does not implement every control pulse from the skier and thus guarantees better control on the slopes. The Lady carver is – as the name suggests – designed specifically for women. Apart from the more feminine look, this type of ski is slightly lighter and the position of the binding is further forward on the ski. In this way, the lighter weight of a woman can be better distributed and the ski turns better. The curve radius of a Lady carver varies depending on the type of ski because even Lady carvers come in many different types – depending on ability and skiing style.
Model examples: Atomic Cloud 9, Dynastar Intense 8 & 10, Salomon S/Max W 6

The All-round carver is an especially good choice for pleasure skiers because it has no particular strengths or weaknesses. This ski is easy to handle, easy to turn and offers high stability and a good edge grip. With an average turning radius of 12 - 15 metres, the all-round carver can be ridden in both medium and long lengths and is specially designed for medium speeds.
Model examples: Atomic Redster X5, Blizzard Firebird TI

The wider version of the all-round carver is the All-mountain ski, which is specially designed for off-piste use. When you make a foray into unprepared terrain, you get better lift in deep snow thanks to the wider central section. The ski is rather less suitable on slopes, because handling is a bit sluggish and much more effort is required.
Model examples: Blizzard Quattro RX, Salomon XDR 80 Ti

The Slalom carver is, as the name implies, especially designed for slalom and a short curve radius (10 - 13 metres). It has a more aggressive sidecut and, thanks to torsional rigidity (the tip and tail cant have as much edge grip as much as the ski waist), it can also be used at high speeds and on icy slopes. Slalom carvers are for very experienced skiers who can ski fast, flawless tight turns on a hard piste.
Model examples: Blizzard Firebird SRC, Dynastar Speed Master SL, Rossignol Hero Elite ST TI

The Ferrari under the skis is probably the Race carver. It is not a racing machine for nothing and combines speed and control. This ski needs to be ridden very actively and powerfully to take advantage of its potential. With a turning radius of 16 and more metres, incredibly high speeds and a very sharp edge grip, it is really only intended for very advanced skiers.
Model examples: Blizzard Firebird WRC, Atomic Redster G9, Fischer RC4 WC RC

Sport carver skis are the perfect mix of all-round, all-mountain, slalom and race skis. More or less the sportier version of an all-round carver, it is available in many different designs and curve radii.
Model examples: Atomic Redster X7 & X9, Blizzard Firebird Competition, Fischer RC$ The Curv DTX

Touring skis are skis that are specially tailored to the needs of ski touring. They are lightweight, have a special binding and exhibit sufficient surface area to avoid sinking in the snow. Touring skis are again divided into two types: ascent-oriented skis and downhill skis. Off the piste, Freeriders are the preferred tool of choice. These skis are very wide and specially designed for use in deep snow. The skis literally float on the snow and enjoyment is guaranteed. Nevertheless, freeriders are not for inexperienced skiers.

TwinTips are skis that are bent upward at the tip and tail. You can ski forwards and backwards – and amusement in the fun park is guaranteed.

The further development of the typical carving ski is the Rocker ski. With rocker technology, the tension in the ski is simply reversed. As a result, it turns easily on the slopes as well as in deep snow and light terrain. Rocker skis also have other variants that specialise in piste, freestyle and freeride.

Whether all-round carver, race carver or freerider – one thing is for sure: with professional advice from your SPORT 2000 dealer you will find exactly the ski that is perfectly tuned to you.

The 2018/2019 winter season trends

This winter, intensive colours in retro look as well as sustainability and functionality are in the foreground. Ski fashion should not only stand out on the piste, but simultaneously guarantee high comfort, freedom of movement and performance. Through a sophisticated combination of natural and synthetic materials, the products of the 2018/2019 season are breathable while simultaneously keeping the body warm. In addition, the trend towards cooling and heating products is becoming more popular, for example with heatable gloves from Zanier. So, too, with the layering of several thin layers for more freedom of movement. Seamless ski underwear, such as that from Löffler, guarantees extra well-being and is as comfortable as a second skin. In addition to the trends in clothing and fashion, there are also great innovations in products. For example, Marker has developed a special ski boot binding system. Thanks to Grip Walk, walking comfort with ski boots has significantly increased and slip resistance on icy surfaces is also significantly improved. The rubber anti-slip sole ensures extra grip on the way to the gondola. Are you looking for something other than just skiing? Then, perhaps, popular snowbikes are just the thing for you. Here you can ski down the slopes at high speed with a hybrid of bike and ski. On top of that, the new old ski touring trend is experiencing another real boom in the 2018/2019 season. Reaching the summit under your own power and then enjoying a super downhill experience is more popular than ever. 

Gloves from Zanier.
Grip Walk from Dalbello.

Buy or rent?

With the huge selection of skis, ski boots, poles and ski clothing, it is not always easy to decide. You don´t have to, either! Since at SPORT 2000 rent you cannot only hire and test the latest products of the season. No, in comparison to buying ski equipment, we also have a clear price advantage for you.

Here is a small calculation example based on the Austrian average. On average, the Austrian is on the slopes twice a month. This means that for the entire winter season (which for the majority runs from December to March), skiing eight times is a generous estimate. We also assume that you buy new ski equipment on average every three years. This includes, in our example, skis, ski boots and ski poles.

For you, this means in concrete terms: 5-star equipment with skis, ski poles and ski boots costs 26.10 euros per day at SPORT 2000 rent – for a longer rental period this amount is even lower. If you buy equivalent 5-star equipment at full price, it costs around 800 euros. When replacing the equipment every three years, that's approximately 266 euros per year. Based on the example above, you can see that buying ski equipment is worthwhile only if you ski on the slopes more than ten times a year.

So, it's pretty clear: hiring not only gives you the ability to test a variety of models. It is also cheaper, the material is always top-serviced and you can choose skis tailored to the slope conditions. So, if you´re thinking "I only go skiing six times per winter anyway” then rent your favourite ski.

SPORT 2000 rent wishes you a beautiful winter season!