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Rocker ski

Details on rocker ski

Passionate skiers hear more and more about the rocker ski. What is so special about the rocker ski and which skier should use this new technology? SPORT 2000 ski rental has tested it for you.

Advantages of a rocker ski

Equal to rock as a music style, both try to communicate intense life style and the unique feeling of freedom. Enjoy great emotions on a rocker ski. Thanks to its great flexibility and ease in turn, you will convince with stylish turns on the ski runs.

The rocker ski is very tolerant with errors and therefore lowers the risk of accidents. With the rocker-ski innovation it is easier to start a turn and smoother to continue it thanks to a great change of ski edge and body pressure.

The rocker-ski is of great advantage in off-pist terrain. Thanks to its largely lifted nose it is easier to glide in the deep powder snow.

What type of skier does the rocker ski favour?

Rocker-skis are great for beginners thanks to its flexible turns and tolerance of errors. For advanced skiers, they also form a great plus, especially in off-pist terrain. In any case, we recommend you to test a rocker ski once to experience this pure freedom in the snow. 

Rocker-skis might not be recommended for professional, competitive skiers who love hard, icy pists and speed. Due to their strong nose lifting, rocker-skis might start to flutter at enormous speed.

Which rocker ski for which terrain?

Adapted to the terrain, there are various rocker-skis. Enjoy their innovative technology adapted to the terrain, and optimize pure skiing freedom.

On-pist rocker ski

On-pist rocker skis are of great advantage on hard ski runs and their edges provide precise hold and stability. They are easy to start and continue turns and tolerant with errors, also on hard, icy ski runs.

Salomon X-Kart is a great example of an on-pist rocker ski.

on-pist rocker ski Salomon X-Kart
on-pist rocker: ski Salomon X-Kart

What is a rocker ski?

Construction and design of the rocker ski makes uses the experiences gained in surfing. It differs from “conventional” skis due to its bended nose and tail which gets the rocker ski more tension, similar to a bow. Let us visualize this effect: put both a non-rocker and a rocker-ski on a straight surface. Whereas first one only lifts at the very top of the nose, the second already does before.

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Powder rocker ski

The powder rocker ski is ideal for soft snow. It is also advantageous for all skiers who like to be off-pist thanks to its lifted nose. Enjoy both effortless gliding and stability on hard ski runs. 

K2 Darkside C12 is a great example of a powder rocker ski. 

Powder-Rocker: Ski K2 Darkside C12
Powder-Rocker: Ski K2 Darkside C12


As you can see, rocker skis are awaiting you with many advantages and hardly any inconveniences. They are worth a try. Come and test the innovative technology of a rocker ski at your local SPORT 2000 rental partner.

Book it now online, your local partner will tell you all about the innovative technology of the rocker ski.


All mountain rocker ski

All mountain rocker skis are an all-rounder for any terrain. It is of great use for all skiers who expect precision in carving, stress-free drifting and exigency in soft snow conditions.

ATOMIC Blackeye TI is a great example of an all mountain rocker ski.

Allmountain Rocker: Ski ATOMIC Blackeye TI
Allmountain Rocker: Ski ATOMIC Blackeye TI