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Try to start your winter-fit-programme six to eight weeks before you plan to use your skis, board or snowshoes for the first time. Without active preparation, your body will soon run out of power and might even suffer from long-term effects caused by overstraining. Your SPORT 2000 team recommends you a combination of energizers, strengthening of heart and circulation as well as steady body workou

Important tips and tricks:

Prepare your body for great winter action with the warm up adapted to your body and health.

Warm up

Due to the cold weather conditions in winter, your muscles and connective tissues need special  warm up. Try to warm up your body and circulation with effective exercises. We recommend you the following: Start with 10 to 15 minutes of rapid walking or slow running.  Then start to exercise the most important body parts: carry a backpack and do squats, rotate your neck and arms carrying some extra weight. And then continue with conscious stretching .

Agility training

There used to be a real stretching hype over the last years. But studies have shown that too much stretching can be contra-productive and might rise the risk of accidents. Therefor we recommend a conscious  stretching of your body parts, adapted to your personal fitness. Instead of the common passive stretching of your muscles, try a moderate active one as this. Thereby, both, the muscle and its opponent,  are being stretched.

Good advice

We recommend you soft exercises known from Yoga und Pilates, as they focus on stabilization, power and flexibility. It is interesting to know that both a 10 to 15 minute warm up or a cool off do have the same positive effects on your body fitness.  Walking and slow running followed by soft stretching can favour the regeneration and reduce negative effects on your muscles. Same can be achieved with swimming followed by sauna.

A balanced nutrition

Last but not least, think about a healthy, well-balanced nutrition. Do not forget to drink enough, namely before, during and after sport activities. It should be evident to mention that alcohol does not favour your sporty performance. Therefore, we recommend to drink a lot of water and drinks containing electrolyte. Well-balanced food means a mixture of whole meal products, rice, potatoes and vegetables containing a lot of carbohydrates. Moreover, we recommend products high in protein, namely fish and meat. Be aware that s a short-term energizer and should be used only for this purpose.

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Nothing can be more annoying than finally being on skiing holidays but having a cold. We recommend you to prepare yourself for a fit and healthy winter and therefor great skiing pleasure. Try to keep you and your family fit and healthy. Each year, the winter season comes more or  less at the same time. Therefor it is easy to prepare you and your body  for this time of the year.