Free cancellation incase of lack of snow

Ski rental up to -20%

Indication of ski runs

According to their difficulty, ski runs are chategorized in three levels, easy, middle and difficult. Each one is marked in a different colour: Blue meaning easier beginner slopes, red meaning middle and black meaning difficult runs for experienced skiers. The colouring helps you to find the ski run of your level as well as helps you to decide which challenge you want to take and are able to. Always watch out for those sign to make sure you are on the ski run adapted to your level.

Blue - easy ski run: decline of up to 25% 

Red - intermediate ski run: decline of up to 40 %

Black - difficult ski runs: decline of more than 40% 

Before you get on the ski runs, make sure you are familiar with the difficulties of ski runs marked through different colours. We also advise you to read the general rules on how to behave on the ski runs.

Read more: FIS-rules for conduct


Indication of ski runs

Whenever you are on the ski runs, you will note signs in different colours. These colours, blue, red and black, indicate the difficulty of the ski run. Make sure you chose the ski run adapted to your level.