Ski hire = sustainable?

Is renting the new buying?

On the one hand there is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, on the other there is a growing counter-movement that prefers to rent rather than buy - even when it comes to winter sports equipment. In fact, you don't have to own everything you use. This is especially true for sports equipment that is only used a few times a year..

Advantages of renting

Hiring has many advantages. You travel light and get modern equipment for a day's skiing without having to spend a lot of money and maintenance. It corresponds to the latest technological advances and guarantees a good skiing experience thanks to individual adjustment and customisation. Depending on the respective conditions or individual preferences, various items of equipment can be tried out. Advice from experts in the ski resorts helps to find the right skis for the day. There is no risk of making the wrong purchase and you can adapt your equipment to your changing needs and abilities. 

Hiring is particularly worthwhile for families: the hired ski equipment grows with the children and teenagers. Hire centres such as SPORT 2000 Herzog offer seasonal hire for the next generation of skiers. A service that is in great demand from local families.

Advantages of renting from SPORT 2000
  • Possibility to pick up the equipment the day before
  • Poles always included
  • Free children's equipment (special offer in many hire shops)
  • Free exchange in the booked category
  • Free cancellation in the event of a lack of snow
  • Price savings for online bookings
  • No hidden additional costs
  • Competent and personalised advice
  • Multilingual customer support

Why renting is sustainable

If not every occasional skier owns their own skis, fewer skis are produced. This saves raw materials, extends the service life and produces less waste. Professional ski hire companies also look after their equipment carefully and repair damaged parts. This extends the lifespan of the skis. Those who hire equipment also have less luggage. This makes travelling to the ski resort by public transport easier, which reduces CO2 emissions. The bottom line? Hire is sustainable. 

Martin Steger from SPORT 2000 ski hire reveals everything that can be rented and which services are included.

Martin Steger vom Skiverleih SPORT 2000 Herzog im Interview

What winter sports equipment can be hired at the four SPORT 2000 Herzog ski hire locations?

Our hire offer covers the entire spectrum of snow sports. We hire out skis, ski boots, poles, helmets, toboggans, ski touring skis and boots, avalanche search equipment, cross-country skis and boots, snowshoes, snowboards and boots.

Which services are included?

Customers receive personalised advice and can test skis free of charge before making a purchase. Skis can be exchanged free of charge at all four locations. During the hire period, we take care of the ski service and store the skis in the ski depot. If parents hire skis, we provide free hire skis for children up to the age of ten. Collection is possible the day before.

When is borrowing better than buying?

If you don't have many days of skiing under your belt, renting is definitely better than buying. There's no luggage to carry, the equipment doesn't have to be stored in summer and you always have the latest and freshly prepared skis. Exchanging for other skis or sports equipment is always possible. It is much cheaper for families because children would need new equipment every year. If parents hire, there are no costs for them for hiring equipment for the under-tens.

How much does a season hire cost for children and adults, what is included in the set and at what price can you buy skis from the hire range?

The price for seasonal hire is based on height. If a child is 120 centimetres tall, skis, boots, poles and helmet cost 120 euros; when buying, the quality determines the price. There is no seasonal hire for adults.

For which group of people does it make the most sense to hire equipment for a season?

Renting makes the most sense for children. 95 per cent of local children rent equipment for a season.

Is there a seasonal hire charge for cross-country skiing equipment and what else can be hired?

Yes, and this is handled in the same way as with skis. We also hire out toboggans.

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