SPORT 2000 rent FAQ

Frequently asked question

  • Your desired period is not available or cannot be selected?

    This may be due to the following reasons:

    • The dealer's booking lead time (1-3 days depending on the dealer) has been surpassed.
    • The dealer has placed an online booking block with us for your desired period and is therefore not bookable for this period.
    • The dealer's rental quota has been fully utilised for your desired period.
  • To whom should I direct requests, suggestions or complaints?

    If you have any requests, suggestions or complaints, please contact our SPORT 2000 rent team. We are available from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday (except holidays) at or by calling +43 7612 780 511.

  • What happens to the personal data I provide during the booking process in some hire shops?

    The personal data that you provide during the booking process on the website will be processed and used exclusively for handling the booking in compliance with the applicable national and European data protection regulations.
    SPORT 2000 rent and the hire shop where you book will respect the confidentiality of your data and will not sell, rent or make it available to third parties. For more information on the use and security of your personal information, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

  • Why do I have to provide body measurements (weight and height) at some hire shops?

    In order to ensure a smooth, quick hire process on site and to avoid long waiting times, body measurements must be provided at the time of booking for some hire shops.
    Body height and weight affect ski length and binding adjustment. Only a correct completion of this data guarantees a correct setting and is directly related to your comfort and security.

  • How do I get a voucher code?

    The fastest and easiest way to get a voucher code is to register for the newsletter. This means you will be kept up to date about promotions, news and discounts in the future. In addition, you will receive a €10 voucher code when you register for the newsletter, which you can redeem right away on your next SPORT 2000 rent booking. We also partly award a voucher code to cooperation partners of SPORT 2000 rent. Find out directly from the organisations (e.g. ÖAMTC) of which you are a member whether they offer discounts at SPORT 2000 rent.


  • Where can I enter a voucher code?

    You can redeem your voucher code in the field provided in the shopping cart with the invoice data. The field for this is located in the field "Voucher code" below the buttons for cancellation and breakage insurance.

  • How can I pay for my hire equipment in the shop?

    The hire equipment booked can only be paid for in full online at the time of booking. Online we can always offer you at least 10% discount on prices on site. This not only saves you money, but also saves you trekking to the cashier and therefore saves your precious holiday time.

  • Which payment methods can I choose?

    SPORT 2000 rent offers its customers payment by credit card (VISA, MasterCard and American Express) and PayPal in all countries, direct debit in Austria and Germany, iDeal in the Netherlands and Klarna (formerly Sofortüberweisung) in Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Poland.

  • What additional costs are incurred during payment?

    SPORT 2000 rent does not charge any additional processing or transaction fees for any online bookings. This makes us one of the few providers that does not charge any additional fees.

  • Is my hire equipment insured?

    Insurance or a nominal fee is not included free of charge with a booking. Occasionally, the insurance or nominal fee is included with the booking. This is noted in the shopping cart under the shop info and on the e-ticket.
    With some dealers, we offer the possibility of booking a nominal fee online at a certain percentage (usually 10% of the hire price).

  • How can I book hire equipment for a school skiing course?

    To book hire equipment for a school skiing course, you must complete the appropriate school ski course registration form. You will receive the registration form either by post at the beginning of the school year or you can download it here​​​​​​​.

  • How can I book storage for my equipment?

    Storage can be booked online in many hire shops under the category “Accessories”. Occasionally, storage is already included in the hire price. If so, this is noted in the shop information.

  • How can I exchange my equipment on site?

    Within the category, equipment can be exchanged in the shop once free of charge. Each further exchange, as well as an exchange into a higher category, may be charged by the dealer.
    This offer is not valid for hire shops in France and Andorra.

  • How can I book a specific ski type?

    At some of our hire shops you will find several types of ski in various quality categories that can be booked under the tab "Ski type". If you add a ski of a certain type to your shopping cart, you will receive a ski of the booked ski type in the respective quality category on site.

    If you have any questions about the individual ski types, the SPORT 2000 rent support team is available from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday (except holidays) at or by calling +43 7612 780 511.

  • How can I book a specific ski model?

    At some of our dealers, you can find specific ski models under the tab "Ski model" so that you can book a current ski model in the available ski sizes. If you put this specific ski in the desired size in your shopping cart, it will be reserved for you on site.

    If you have any questions about individual products, the SPORT 2000 rent support team is available from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday (except holidays) at or by calling +43 7612 780 511.

  • How do I benefit from the free helmet promotion?

    Most hire shops have an individual offer. This also applies to promotions such as "Free helmet for kids". If a hire shop offers this promotion, this is indicated by a gift icon in the shopping cart along with the respective conditions. If the promotion is offered by the selected hire shop, please also add the helmet to the shopping cart. The price for the helmet will be displayed as €0.00.

  • How can I borrow the hire equipment for my child/children free of charge?

    Most hire shops have an individual offer. This also applies to promotions such as "Free equipment for kids". Dealers who participate in this promotion offer one free child's kit for every one or two adults booked.

    If a hire shop offers this promotion, it will be indicated by a gift icon in the shopping cart along with the respective conditions. To take advantage of the promotion, at least a 4-star set, or a 5-star ski must be booked and the children's equipment must be booked together with this. This offer is valid when booking alpine skis, snowboards or ski tours.

  • Where are the SPORT 2000 rent shops located?

    SPORT 2000 rent is represented by over 600 shops in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Andorra. You can find the list under the menu item “Locations”. You can also easily find it via the homepage, the town or the region. The system will automatically suggest the places you might like to visit.

  • How much do I save when booking via SPORT 2000 rent compared to booking directly on site?

    You can see how much you save on your booking in your summary in the shopping cart. Both the price on site and your online savings will be displayed at The discounts differ from shop to shop and are up to 20%.

  • What other products are offered besides skis and snowboards?

    Every hire shop has an individual offer in terms of products. SPORT 2000 rent also offers touring skis, cross-country skis, snowshoes, toboggans, snowbikes and many other products. You can find an overview of the products of the respective retailer in the hire price list or in the shopping cart of the selected hire partner.

  • When should the hire equipment be booked?

    We recommend that you always book your hire equipment online as early as possible. This is for the following reasons

    • Availability: In most shops there is sufficient hire equipment available. However, demand can increase significantly during peak times (e.g.: holidays, weekends).
    • Price advantage: If you book via, you pay between 10% and 20% less than hiring the equipment on site.
    • Saving time: By booking online and inputting the relevant personal data beforehand, our dealers are able to prepare your equipment in advance.
  • How can I book equipment for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow at short notice?

    Each hire shop carries its own individual range of hire equipment. At some locations the inventory or the amount of hire equipment is limited. For this reason, certain lead times are required to ensure that hire equipment is properly prepared. If online booking is no longer possible in the hire shop of your desired destination, you are welcome to contact the SPORT 2000 rent team, who will be happy to put you in touch with the branch. This is available from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday (except holidays) at or by calling +43 7612 780 511.

  • Why does an online booking make sense?

    Not only are your skis guaranteed to be available when you book online, but you also get a discount of at least 10% on the hire price on site.
    Those who enter their body measurements when booking online can also save time when picking up.
    In many of our hire shops, you can already enter your body measurements when booking online. This will save you wasting unnecessary time when picking up your equipment and will get you to the slopes faster.

  • Are ski poles included in the hire equipment?

    Ski poles are always included in an online booking. Some SPORT 2000 rent shops also offer poles as individual products on site.

  • How can I add a person to my online booking?

    To add a person to the booking, select the “Add person” field on the right side of the shopping cart. For each person created, the body measurements must be entered and a product must be added.

    To assign a product to a person, select the function "Go to checkout" in the shopping cart. Here you can enter stage 2, after you have entered the body measurements, by ticking a box assigning a product to a person. Then you can create more people and assign more products.

  • When will my booking confirmation be sent and what do I need to bring to pick up the equipment?

    The booking confirmation will be sent to your email address immediately after payment has been completed. This email also contains your e-ticket for the hire equipment you have booked. The delivery of the confirmation normally takes place 5-15 minutes after payment has been made but can take up to 24 hours.

    Please also check the spam folder of your email. If you do not receive a confirmation from us after 24 hours, please contact our support team. We will gladly check the status of your booking for you. You will receive the hire equipment on site only upon presentation of the e-ticket, which is valid both digitally and in printed form.

  • Where can I find the address and telephone number of the SPORT 2000 rent shop I have chosen?

    If you have any questions, you will find the address, telephone number and email address of your booked SPORT 2000 rent shop on the e-ticket.

  • I found an error in my booking. How can I change my booking?

    During the booking you can return to the shopping cart by selecting the respective booking step. Alternatively, you can use the "back button" of your browser. For a change to a completed booking, please contact our SPORT 2000 rent support team directly.

    We will be happy to assist you by telephone on +43 7612 780 511 or by email at if there are changes to your booking.

  • How can I hire equipment for half a day?

    Online booking of hire equipment is only possible for the whole day. The SPORT 2000 rent team is happy to help you with this request. They are available from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday (except public holidays) at or by calling +43 7612 780 511.

  • How can I cancel my booking?

    You can cancel your booking by contacting the SPORT 2000 rent team either by calling +43 7612 780 511 or sending an email to

    You can find the cancellation conditions in our Terms and Conditions.

  • How can I book by phone?

    Booking is only possible via our website, but if you have any questions please call us on +43 7612 780 511 or send an email to from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday (except holidays).

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