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Not a fan of skiing or want to try something new - off the slopes? Then discover the beauty of winter while snowshoeing! Winter hiking on the very special skids is suitable for everyone and requires no previous experience. Moreover, trudging through the deep snow promises lots of fun: a winter activity that is made for the whole family.

Whether it's an enjoyable winter hike through the snow or an ambitious tour to the sunset on non-existent paths - with the snowshoes from SPORT 2000 rent under your feet, a variety of possibilities open up. Just strap them on and the fun can begin! Whichever shoe you prefer to wear on the mountain - thanks to the smart fastening systems, the snowshoe can be ideally adapted to it with just a flick of the wrist. Everything you need for the perfect snowshoe experience can be rented in your local SPORT 2000 rent shop or - even more convenient - reserved online from home.

This way you can enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery and let your mind wander. Whatever your level of ability and whatever the environment in which you travel on snowshoes - whether it's tours in alpine terrain that require fitness and a certain amount of know-how or along snow-covered hiking trails - snowshoes make it particularly easy to explore the wintry world.

That's why you should try snowshoeing:

  • fat burning is stimulated
  • positive for the cardiovascular system
  • Relaxes like hardly any other winter sport

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When snowshoeing in Austria, a wide range of winter hiking trails awaits you, inviting you to go snowshoeing. You can enjoy the picturesque nature to the fullest and get some exercise at the same time.

Whether you walk cross-country across the white fields or along the picturesque hiking trails, alone or accompanied by an experienced hiking guide - with a gentle crunch and the snowshoes under your feet, you experience nature from a whole new side. Step by step you trudge through Austria's most magnificent winter wonderland. You can find the right equipment at your SPORT 2000 rent dealer.

Follow the call of meadows, hills and gentle peaks and rent your snowshoes on site!

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Finding the right tour

What could be more beautiful in winter than hiking through landscapes covered deep in snow? Especially in the Alpine republic of Austria, the range of snowshoe tours is huge - lonely paths that invite you to switch off and enjoy yourself can be found on almost every corner if you take a closer look. During your winter holiday, snowshoeing can also be a welcome change from classic winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding. But a snowshoe hike is also always a good idea for day trippers from the surrounding area!

Whether it's the peace and quiet, the enjoyment of untouched nature or the fun in deep snow - whatever it is that appeals to you about snowshoeing, we at SPORT 2000 rent will make your experience perfect. Especially if you don't want to buy your own snowshoes right away and are still looking for the best tips for your adventure on snowshoes, we are the right place to go.

As soon as your equipment has been put together, you're ready to go. After all, you don't need any special previous knowledge for snowshoeing. Simply strap the chosen model under your winter boots, poles in hand and the snow is already waiting for you.

Are you still wondering where to go? We have put together the most beautiful and popular routes for snowshoe hiking in Austria. And this much in advance - the choice is huge!



The Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg is known for its large selection of hiking trails. In winter, a variety of ski touring routes and cross-country skiing trails open up here. 

Sun Tour Doren-Sulzberg:

  • from Doren Egg-Dorf to Sulzberg
  • Easily accessible and panoramic snow tour
  • Length: approx. 7.5 km

Round tour to the Steinernen Tor:

  • between Imberg and Kojenstein
  • medium difficulty level
  • Length: approx. 8 km


Region Spittal an der Drau

The Spittal an der Drau region offers an impressive variation of three-thousand-metre peaks and large, shining lakes such as the Millstätter See and the Weißensee.

Nockberge Biosphere Park:

  • from the Strasser car park via Greiseneckalm
  • easy snowshoe hike
  • Length: approx. 3 km

Stubennock lake glacier:

  • from the Dr.-Josef-Mehrlhütte via the five Nockberge peaks
  • challenging level of difficulty
  • Length: 9.4 km


Salzburger Land

Not only the Mozart city of Salzburg has a lot to offer in winter, but also snow lovers will get their money's worth during an excursion to the Salzburger Land.

From Hintersee to the Wieserhörndl:

  • Starting point at the Hintersee ski lift car park
  • Mountain pasture invites you to take a breather
  • Length: approx. 5.3 km


  • from the car park in Tiefbrunnau up to the Zwölferhorn
  • Suitable for beginners and families with children
  • Length: 10 km


Region around Kitzbühel

The area around Kitzbühel is also a mecca of snow-covered hills, fields and peaks. The best way to explore the most remote winter landscapes is on snowshoes.

Schönangeralm in the Kitzbühel Alps:

  • beautiful, scenic route
  • leisurely snowshoe tour
  • Length: approx. 6 km

Reither Kogel:

  • Starting point mountain station Reitherkogelbahn
  • Route along snow-covered woods and meadows
  • Length: approx. 3 km

Upper Austria

Region Pyhrn-Priel

The Pyhrn-Priel region attracts many holidaymakers in winter with more than 100 kilometres of cleared hiking trails. Here you will find ideal conditions for an unforgettable experience in snowshoes.

Almenweg snowshoe tour:

  • From Rosenau am Hengstpaß the trail leads along a circular route.
  • Length: approx. 4 km


  • Begins in Muttling and leads to the Mayrwipfel at 1,736 metres.
  • Length: approx. 12 km

Lower Austria

In the "Wiener Alpen"

From the Rax plateau to the Ottohaus:

  • Snowshoe route for beginners
  • Length: approx. 2 km

Plateau tour on the Rax:

  • Snowshoe route for professionals
  • Length: approx. 11 km

From Gries to the Unterberg:

  • it goes to the 1,342 metre high summit of the Unterberg
  • ideal for snowshoe hikers with experience
  • Length: approx. 10 km



Whether in the Styrian Krakow, on the Kreischberg or in the Lachtal - you can explore the Murau-Murtal valley particularly well in winter on a hike with snowshoes.

Etrachsee snowshoe hike:

  • Start and finish at the Krakauebene
  • Easy to walk & ideal for families
  • Length: approx. 10 km

To the Pleschaitz:

  • from the inn "Zum Alpenblick" to the Pleschaitz
  • suitable for well-conditioned snowshoe hikers
  • Length: approx. 11.5 km

Wherever you are in Austria

As a snowshoe hiker you should observe a few rules. As you are following the tracks of other winter sports enthusiasts and also hiking cross-country through forests and across meadows, it is important to respect nature. Snowshoes like to leave deeper tracks, which is why you should generally avoid walking on cross-country ski trails and - if possible - not walk on the ascent tracks of ski tourers.

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Tips for snowshoeing
for fun in the snow

Snowshoeing is probably the most enjoyable and original form of winter sport - especially when it comes to discovering snow-covered landscapes from a different angle. Snowshoeing is particularly popular with young and old. No matter what age group, whether beginner or experienced snowshoe fan - we tell you the most important tips & information that guarantee even more fun when snowshoeing.


  • Who is snowshoeing suitable for?

    Snowshoeing is the experience where you can ideally combine sport and the enjoyment of nature. The routes for snowshoe hiking also lead off the beaten track. Even in deep snow, you can trudge through the unique mountain world and explore the still untouched paths.

    Snowshoeing is a sport where, for once, speed is not important. That's why this wintry experience is also suitable for beginners, because in shallower snow, snowshoeing is child's play. In deeper snow, it's all about the right technique. Basically, however, anyone can learn this at any age and in the shortest time.

    Snowshoeing is also very suitable for children. Children as young as four to six years old can start the adventure of snowshoeing. Shorter tours and less steep terrain are ideal for the start.

  • Tips for beginners: How do you find the right technique for snowshoeing?

    Walking with snowshoes on flat or hilly terrain hardly differs from normal walking. However, due to the width of the snowshoes, the stride width is somewhat wider. As with classic walking, place the heel of your foot on the ground and roll forward over the middle of your foot. Keep your steps as parallel and even as possible.

    You should also keep your centre of gravity in the middle of the snowshoe and walk as upright as possible. The walking poles will give you additional momentum.

  • How do I walk uphill with snowshoes?

    As soon as you venture onto steeper terrain when snowshoeing, you should activate the climbing aid. You can choose between several stepping techniques:

    1. Frontal stride: If the ascent is moderately steep, you can walk with your snowshoes in frontal stride. With this walking technique, the length and width should not deviate significantly from the normal mountain stride.
    2. V-step or duck step: If the ascent is somewhat steeper and the path is deep in snow, you should switch to the so-called V-step or duck technique. In general, you can follow the following rule: The steeper and more demanding the slope, the wider your V-step.
      Especially if you are going up a long slope, the duck step is recommended. This saves a lot of energy. For maximum grip on the mountain, lean forward with your body's centre of gravity and place the poles in the snow in front of your body.
    3. Stair or side step: If the trail leads you along a steep but rather short passage, you can resort to the so-called stair or side step. Here you place the snowshoes sideways at a right angle to the slope. Your body remains centrally above the snowshoe.
  • How do I go downhill with snowshoes?

    As with classic hiking, it is best to walk downhill on snowshoes with your knees slightly bent. On the snowshoes you glide down the slope with a little momentum. Especially in soft snow or deep snow and with your back bent, you will pick up the ideal speed in the shortest time. If it is very cold and the ground is icy, you should take smaller steps and stand centrally on the snowshoe.

  • How do I find the right snowshoe?

    • Material: Typical of this winter equipment are prongs located on the bottom side of the frame. At the height of the football, the snowshoe has a claw for gripping. This gives you a firm grip on steep terrain. Climbing aids provide even more grip on very steep climbs and icy surfaces. There are snowshoes made of plastic or aluminium.
      • Plastic snowshoes: Plastic snowshoes are particularly suitable for hard snow. The narrow frames as well as the high manoeuvrability ensure the best grip. The serrated side rails promise safety when traversing.
      • Aluminium snowshoes: Aluminium snowshoes are best suited for new or deep snow. They are characterised by the flexible binding and cushion ideally with every step through the snow.
    • Size: When choosing the right snowshoes, it is not only the material that plays a relevant role, you should also choose the right model for the size. The sizes for snowshoes range from 22 to30 . These sizes have nothing to do with your classic shoe size and are based on your body weight.
      • Size 22 (up to 70 kilograms)
      • Size 30 (over 100 kilograms)
    • Inner shoe: To find the right inner shoe or hiking boot for a snowshoe hike, you should opt for an ankle-high, waterproof model with robust soles. We also recommend that you wear gaiters or gauntlets to prevent the wet from penetrating your shoe even in deep snow.
  • What equipment do I need for snowshoeing?

    If you want to hike in winter, you don't necessarily need snowshoes. But especially if you like to walk on remote routes and love hiking in deep snow, snowshoes are recommended equipment. Thanks to the particularly wide sole, you won't sink into deep snow so quickly and can save energy.

    Since running in deep snow can quickly become strenuous and requires stamina, you should take enough drinks and a small snack with you.

    Packing list for an excursion with snowshoes:

    • Snowshoes
    • Hiking boots
    • Hiking poles
    • Breathable clothing
    • Gloves
    • Sunscreen & Sunglasses
    • Backpack
    • Drinks & Snacks

    Both snowshoes and hiking poles can be rented on site from your SPORT 2000 rent ski rental partner. It's best to reserve your snowshoes in advance - so you can be sure that the model you want is available.

  • How do I strap on snowshoes correctly?

    1. The best way to put on snowshoes is to bend your knees a little.
    2. Slip into the middle of the snowshoes and tighten the straps.
    3. After the first 10 minutes of your snowshoe hike, you should stop again and check if everything fits.
  • Where can I rent snowshoes in Austria?

    Are you curious and would like to try out snowshoeing for yourself? Then it's best to rent the equipment.

    When choosing the right snowshoes, we will advise you individually in the rental shops of SPORT 2000 rent:

    Whether you are an experienced snowshoe expert or a beginner - we will show you which equipment is right for you.

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