For occasional tourers and newcomers
Ski touring guide: Good to know

You've heard it all somewhere before. But anyone who only dives into the wide world of the backcountry from time to time would be well advised to remind themselves of a know-how update. Dangers, rules, decisions, equipment: a look at the components of ski touring.

The planning

A well-planned ski tour starts at home. Having the right processes and preparations in your luggage makes it much easier. Here are some steps that should be taken before every tour so that you leave nothing to chance.

Step 1: the route

You can't plan without knowing where you're going. However, not only the region, but also the route itself plays a decisive role in the preparation. There are now many sources for finding a suitable tour:

  • printed maps

  • tour guides

  • online portals

  • Tips from experienced alpinists

"It's important that the maps take slope positions and terrain shapes into account. The start and summit meal are quickly planned. But where are the key points, landmarks and checkpoints along the route? Tricky and dangerous spots are best marked on your map with an approximate time. That way you can easily find them again in the terrain and pay special attention to them," recommends Daniel Esterbauer from Martini Sportswear.

Tip: If you plan online, you should also save the material offline. And there should always be an alternative destination or a quick turnaround should be possible according to the plan.

Step 2: the crew

Assessing the physical and mental fitness of all members of the tour is often the biggest challenge of all. An honest assessment of physical and mental resilience is often only possible if you already know the other people well. Even then, exceptional situations can present the tour with problems that you hadn't anticipated. So if you already have an inspiration for a tour in mind, the following considerations are worth making with regard to the crew members:


  • Are all the weak points and skillsets of each person known?
  • Is the weakest link up to the demands?
  • Has every member been informed of all the details of the route?
  • Does everyone agree on the destination and route?
  • Does everyone have the necessary equipment?
  • Has communication and decision-making for the tour been discussed?
Tip: Choose an easier tour, especially for occasional tourers or newcomers, to minimise the risk of extreme situations in the team.

Step 3: the time

A major risk factor when touring is inaccurate time planning. It is difficult to correctly estimate the pace in advance, especially if you have little experience or are in a large group. There are many examples of calculations, most of which assume values between 300-500 metres in altitude per hour. However, these rules of thumb should only be used as a rough guide, as the actual time depends on many factors:

  • Total metres in altitude
  • distance
  • Walking pace / fitness / condition
  • Breaks (number and length)
  • Special features of the route (technical passages)
  • Ascent and descent
  • Weather conditions

Always allow enough time for the descent.

"It is essential to plan a large time cushion, because unforeseen situations such as weather changes can always happen and cost a lot of time. Regular breaks help you to stay focussed and efficient," so Daniel Esterbauer.

Tip: Mark waypoints with times on the map and include the departure time in the total time.

Step 4: Weather and snow conditions

The biggest uncertainty factor is the weather. Both spontaneous changes in the air and invisible layers in the snow are factors that need to be taken into account. In order to be ideally prepared, it is important to consult many good sources of information. To name just two official services from Austria:

  • Weather service → ZAMG
  • Avalanche situation report →

"Unfortunately, looking at the weather forecast is not enough preparation when it comes to planning a ski tour. You need an accurate weather forecast including the snow, wind and avalanche situation. The Alpine clubs are also always a good source," explains Esterbauer.

The right ski touring equipment and clothing

Basically, the tour dictates the setup and outfit. But regardless of special requirements, there is basic equipment that every ski tourer should have to hand: From must-haves such as avalanche transceivers to nice-haves such as suitable clothing based on the layer principle. An exemplary packing list:

  • Skis
  • Skins
  • Bindings
  • boots
  • Poles
Safety equipment
  • Avalanche transceiver (on the body)
  • probe
  • shovel
  • Ski touring helmet
  • Ski goggles
In the backpack
  • Mobile phone (fully charged, apps installed)
  • First aid kit
  • Headlamp
  • Multifunctional tool / pocket knife
  • Tape
  • Catering
  • Map with marked route
  • Crampons (for appropriate tours)
  • Check all fasteners + the cartridge
  • Base layer (breathable underwear with drying function)
  • Mid-layer (insulating functional jacket for the ascent, such as fleece or stretch)
  • Hardshell jacket (waterproof with special material such as Primaloft)
  • Windstopper jacket
  • Ski touring trousers
  • Thin gloves (for the ascent)
  • Thick gloves (for the descent)
  • Change of clothes (base layer or T-shirt)
  • Headband and cap

Current ski touring products for the 2022/23 season


Tourenski von Blizzard
Blizzard Zero G LT 80
A lightweight that remains under one kilogramme. Thanks to the carbon chassis, it has plenty of torsional strength and forgiving flex, which further improves downhill performance.
UVP € 700,00
Tourenski von Salomon
Salomon MTN 96 Carbon
A wide yet lightweight touring ski that enables outstanding freeride descents. Reinforced with carbon to minimise effort on the ascent.
UVP € 700,00


Tourenschuh von Tecnica
Tecnica Zero G Peak
The Zero G Peak also remains under one kilogramme and is built so robustly that it is even suitable for steep couloirs. Including the newly developed T-Hike system for unrestricted movement and perfect grip on the descent.
UVP € 750,00
La Sportiva
Tourenschuh von La Sportiva
La Sportiva Skorpius CR II
A touring boot for demanding ski tourers who collect a lot of vertical metres and feel at home in technical terrain and on inaccessible summits. Includes a carbon fibre-reinforced shell and Boa® Fit System for an extremely precise fit.
UVP € 629,00


La Sportiva
Skitouren Stöcke
La Sportiva Tour Poles
The La Sportiva Touring ski poles consist of two parts that can be perfectly adjusted depending on the slope or body size. With a foam grip that is specially designed for ski touring.
UVP € 99,00
Outdoor-Helm mit wenig Gewicht
Salomon MTN Lab Helm
A versatile outdoor helmet with little weight but all the more features. It fulfils the safety standards for alpine and mountain sports and is made from up to 75 percent recycled and natural materials. The merino wool lining ensures optimum temperature regulation.
UVP € 200


LVS-Gerät Mammut Barryvox S
Avalanche transceiver: Mammut Barryvox S
Digital/analogue combination device with three antennas, large reception range, intuitive operation and an effective search strip width of 70 metres. Including post avalanche burial function, in which the device automatically switches to send.t.
UVP € 430
Lawinenschaufel von Mammut
Avalanche shovel: Mammut Alugator Pro Light
An ergonomically shaped T-handle for maximum efficient power transmission and an aluminium shovel blade that works through the snow as quickly as possible: a reliable avalanche shovel with a high level of durability.
UVP € 85
Lawinensonde von Mammut
Avalanche probe: Mammut Probe 240
The Probe 240 is an essential companion for emergencies. The durable aluminium and the integrated telescopic lock ensure quick, glove-compatible operation. Length: 240 cm.
UVP € 55


Damen Skitouren Shirt Martinini
Martini Identify (Ladies)
Odour-inhibiting, stretchy functional fabric, breathability and a cotton feel: the Identify shirt for women is the perfect long-sleeved base layer for ski tours. Quick-drying and made in Europe.
UVP € 109,90
Martini Pinnacle (men)
The PINNACLE functional shirt combines a minimalist look with maximum functionality. The base layer guarantees high breathability, quick drying, moisture transport and reduced odour formation.
UVP € 129,90

Insulation jacket

Damen Skitouren Jacke Martini
Martini No Compromise (ladies)
Active temperature management meets freedom of movement. Despite its insulating function, the No Compromise always remains sporty, offers plenty of space and can be reduced to a minimal pack size.
UVP € 329,90
Herren Skitouren Jacke Martini
Martini Outrank (men)
The hybrid jacket features an intelligent material mix with Primaloft® Gold insulation made from 100% recycled polyester and PFC-free waterproofing as well as an outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio.
UVP € 279,90


Damen Skitouren Hose Martini
Martini Denali_2.0 (ladies)
The Denali_2.0 has everything you need for a ski tour. From elasticated functional material that quickly transports sweat to the surface, to protection against wind, moisture and damage to the material - thanks to Cordura fabric on the leg.
UVP € 239,90
Martini Haute Route 2.0 (Herren)
Eine perfekte Skitourenhose schützt vor Wind und Nässe und stellt höchste Ansprüche an den Tragekomfort. Die Haut Route 2.0 macht genau das und ergänzt die Features um ausgezeichnetes Feuchtigkeitsmanagement und hohe Elastizität.
UVP € 269,90


Tourenrucksack von Mammut
Mammut Free 28 Removable Airbag 3.0 ready
A lightweight, close-fitting 28-litre backpack with an intelligent design, plenty of space and equipped with all ski touring features. Compatible with the Airbag System 3.0. The rucksack is PFC-free and the outer fabric and inner lining are made from recycled material.
UVP € 190,00

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