The tailor-made suit among ski boots
TECNICA MACH1 MV 130 TD ski boot fitting with new technology


How about giving your feet a "tailor-made suit" for skiing? Firstly, each foot is shaped differently and therefore has individual needs. Secondly, the ski boot is the decisive element when it comes to power transmission and fast edge change. With its new T-Drive technology for the MACH1 series of on-piste ski boots, TECNICA provides the ultimate solution for both comfort and performance. 

The foot sets the tone

Our feet carry us through life day in, day out – and some of us even make it safely across the slopes every winter. And how do we thank them? Right, most don’t. On the contrary. Often the brave feet have to withstand blisters, chafing, pressure points and the like – because it's not so easy to find the perfectly fitting ski boot. After all, every foot is different: foot shape, arch, height of the instep, foot width in relation to shoe size – the list of small but crucial details could go on and on. However, trying out new models season after season is an expensive hobby with an enduring entertainment value. And this is exactly where TECNICA comes in, with its new technical process for boot fitting.

"TECNICA is at the forefront of the ever-increasing trend toward custom ski boot fitting." - SPORT 2000 Dealer

Feet would buy TECNICA
Many challenges have more than one solution. But in the case of feet, which all place different demands on the ski boot, there is undoubtedly the best: T-Drive technology from TECNICA. This is a high-end MACH1 on-piste ski boot. It would be no exaggeration to call this boot a game changer for on-piste skiers: stability, control and maximum comfort come together on a new level in perfect harmony.

Character of the T-Drive technology

  • Top form right from the start: the shell and inner boot are anatomically pre-shaped and based on the natural shape of the foot
  • Better power transmission & more stability with significantly lower weight 
  • Trendsetter: on-piste ski boots are becoming lighter thanks to the use of less or alternative materials and the transfer of technology from racing. This makes skiing less tiring!

More performance is practically impossible – MACH1 MV 130 TD

Sporty skiers don't want to compromise when it comes to power transmission, precision and comfort. Thanks to the MACH1 series, they don't have to. A dynamic carbon plate on the back connects the shaft to the lower part of the shell and extends the leverage – welcome to a new league of edge changing! Flex and fit remain constant regardless of temperature. The boot fits comfortably and is easier to put on and take off.

The Mid Volume model for a normal foot width has a 100mm strip

Tecnica's C.A.S. system ensures the shell and inner boot are fully adjustable

An additional tongue made of C.A.S. material is available for 360-degree adjustment

Tip: get more out of your boots at SPORT 2000!
The shell and inner boot can be individually adjusted at your SPORT 2000 retailer if required. So if a millimetre can be optimised here or there, that’s what we’ll do. 

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