Ski boot miracle by Atomic
Perfection from the oven


If the ski industry were a computer game, the human foot would be the boss for the playing manufacturers. Why? Firstly, because every foot is unique and secondly, because it is crucial that ski boots fit perfectly. But fortunately, the people at Atomic are up to the challenge. For decades they have been gaining level after level in ski material optimisation. With their boot fitting technology, it is fair to say that they have reached the highest playing level.

Thermal fitting – designed for the stars, available for everyone!

Most skiers have experienced wearing ski boots that didn’t fit properly at least once in their life. Conclusion? Never again, thanks! Because not only do your feet suffer immensely, but so does your performance. As the skier's essential control unit, the role of the feet is indispensable. As a result, Atomic believes, they should be treated well – and not only those of Marcel Hirscher and Mikaela Shiffrin, but all feet that are packed into a ski boot. That is why they now offer their ingenious thermal fitting, developed in-house for professionals, to everyone: by heating the inner boot in the oven in a specialist shop, it adapts exactly to the shape of the foot and then hardens – it imitates the shape of the foot, so to speak. This ensures an anatomically perfect fit in the long term and guarantees enjoyable skiing.

How Atomic Memory Fit works 

With one of the fastest feasible technologies for thermal ski boot fitting on the market, Atomic is focusing on all three components at once: shell, cuff and inner boot. The degree of stretching required varies depending on the person, but up to six millimetres can be achieved in the forefoot area and up to ten millimetres around the ankle. And in just a few minutes.

Twelve minutes & three steps to an alpine boot that fits like a glove:

#1 - Heat for five minutes

The inner boot is removed and the shell placed in the Atomic Memory Fit oven at 117°C for five minutes.

#2 - Memorise for two minutes

The shell is taken out of the oven, the inner boot is inserted, and the skier puts on the heated boot on the Memory Fit Cooling Mat. The buckles are closed loosely. Now it is time to stand still for two minutes so that the boot can adapt and memorise your foot shape.

#3 - Set for five minutes

The finish for individual Memory Fit perfection: the Memory Fit Cooling Pack is wrapped around the boot and the boot is left to cool for five minutes. 

24 minutes & three steps to a Backland boot that fits like a glove:

#1 - Heat for twelve minutes

The shell and the inner boot is placed in the Atomic Memory Fit oven at 117°C for twelve minutes.

#2 - Memorise for two minutes

On the Memory Fit Cooling Mat, the skier puts on the heated boot and loosely closes the buckles. Once again: stand still for two minutes!

#3 - Set for 10 minutes

The Memory Fit Cooling Pack is wrapped around the Backland boot and left to cool for ten minutes. 

Your type is required
Since there is no such thing as the typical "all-mountain" or "touring" foot, various race, freeskiing or ski touring models from Atomic also offer a choice of narrow, medium or wide fit from the outset.

One for all and all for one: the new Hawx Prime XTD 

With the hero of the 2020/21 season, the Hawx Prime XTD, Atomic has invented the ski boot that previously seemed impossible: the ski boot for everything. It combines the advantages of the Hawx family with those of the Backland series. Good mobility in the ascent meets strong downhill performance. It is particularly suitable for skiers with medium-width feet. The flagship of the new collection, the Hawx Prime XTD 130 Tech GW, has been equipped with Tech Inserts and a Gripwalk sole.


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