Climate heroes on the slopes
Fridays for Future arrive in skiing


A greater awareness of resource conservation and sustainability is – fortunately – affecting more and more areas of our social lives. This is now also true for skiing and winter sports. Innovative outfitters are increasingly trying to use durable and natural materials, functional clothing is increasingly made of recycled material or ecologically degradable fibres. Are you now looking for a simple and meaningful way to make a contribution to more sustainability in the private sector? Then we have some good ideas for you: it's better to have your equipment serviced and repaired on a regular basis. It always pays off to revive this old virtue of saving and caring. As a consumer, it makes sense to research and make a good choice.

Take the climate into account when buying

At the last ISPO in Munich, the world's largest trade fair for sporting goods and fashion, sustainable ski wear was unmissable: whether it's ski boots with a vegan shellbiodegradablepetroleum-free wax or ski jackets that used to be PET bottles – innovations from the eco-industry and fair fashion are increasingly finding their way into the skiing scene. More and more outdoor brands are using climate-friendly and recycled materials, imposing ecological criteria on themselves and, in some cases, exchanging information with environmental protection organisations. A pleasing trend.

As a consumer, you are called upon to look for labels and certificates that prove the environmental and, not least, social compatibility of a product. This gives you the chance to make a responsible contribution to environmental protection. Examples of labelling according to specific criteria:

The "Fair Wear Foundation" wants to protect workers by ensuring that internationally recognised labour standards are respected. Partners include Jack Wolfskin, Ortovox, Mammut, Schöffel, Deuter, Dynafit, Salewa, Vaude and many more.

The "bluesign® SYSTEM" is an independent expert and knowledge provider that promotes responsible textile manufacturing – from production to the final product.

The "Responsible Down Standard" is intended to contribute to the welfare of ducks and geese during down production. 

In the outdoor sector, the addition "PFC free" usually refers to waterproofing that is free from perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals. These are often used for functional clothing because they are water, oil and dirt repellent. Unfortunately, however, they are not ecologically degradable. Therefore, we must rely on alternatives that are available today.

Tip: real outdoor people don’t just wear their ski jacket for skiing, they even wear it on everyday walks in the city or on the way to the office. If this means you don’t buy another jacket, you have already saved resources.

Climate heroes service, repair & borrow!
"Reuse!" is the term of the moment. If equipment or clothing shows signs of wear or defects at any point, this does not automatically mean that they are ready for the bin.

Used equipment and clothing can often be repaired and then work perfectly again. Think of grandma and grandpa – do you think they would throw away something they could still save? Exactly. 

Tip: SPORT 2000 Ski professionals
Do it yourself, but let us help you!
If you are a handicraft and DIY enthusiast at heart, you have a lot to offer in the world of skiing. For example, the ski surface should be waxed regularly to ensure that it is solid and fast in the long term. The advantage of waxing your own boards is that you can do it shortly before the ski day, it is cheap and you can give your mum’s old iron a second lease of life. The hot ski wax penetrates into the pores of the surface by ironing it on and is much more abrasion resistant than cold wax.

If the surface is rough, it is worth considering a professional service for the ski. Flaws are evidence of motivated skiing and are no big issue. However, we recommend getting them repaired before moisture penetrates the ski. Your SPORT 2000 Ski professional will analyse the skis in detail for edge damage and buckling. If desired, they will also examine the binding (friction and release value) and boots.

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