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Are you still thinking about which ski model to choose for the coming 2021/22 winter season? The manufacturers always have their finger on the pulse of time and bring the latest innovations and developments to the market every year. For your convenience, we will give you an overview of seven models that guarantee optimal performance on the slopes. Plus, three touring ski models for great moments on your excursions into the white mountain world. We will also show you the ski that was developed by and for professional freeskier Jeremie Heitz. Check it out!


Alpine skiing

No matter when the snow that winter sports enthusiasts have been longing for will cover the slopes and mountains this season, one thing is certain: The ski industry does not wait for winter to arrive, but works at high speed on the latest technologies all year round. The central themes of the past months include: Sustainability and environmental protection – many manufacturers are taking the first steps towards climate neutrality as well as light weight, comfort and electronics.

The skis with racing genes

Skiers who love speed will also quickly find a place in their hearts for these three models – the Atomic Redster G9 Revo S, its line-mate Redster S9 Revo S and the Fischer RC4 THE Curv DTX. Both Atomic skis feature the new Revoshock technology, which ensures that the super-fast ski accelerates with every turn and is great fun on icy slopes early in the morning. Because they demonstrate maximum smoothness and the highest performance. Thanks to the Ultrawall sidewall construction, they offer power and the edge grip of a full-length sidewall, paired with the robustness of Dura Cap.

A two-layer Titanium Powered laminate provides ultimate torsional stiffness and, together with the Power Woodcore, guarantees insane edge grip from the beginning to the end of the turn. You can see the roots of these two skis lie in racing, just like the Fischer RC4 The Curv DTX. Thanks to the Radical Triple Radius, this ski is sensationally dynamic in every turn, regardless of whether the radius is short or long. In addition, it brings a lot of stability and enormous edge grip. It is the perfect ski for ambitious skiers and for every day of the season. All Curv models guarantee the ultimate curve experience as well as skiing fun – from the first to the last turn! The Curv is also available as a women's model called Curv DTX WS.




  • Redster G9 Revo S (SRP: € 999,99) 
  • Redster S9 Revo S (SRP: € 999,99)




  • RC4 THE Curv DTX (SRP: € 849,99,–).


High-quality skis for women

One of the best-selling piste skis for women is the Atomic Cloud 9 (RRP € 499.99, price includes M 10 GW ski binding). It is "the little black" ski of the Atomic piste collection – elegant, very pleasing and the right choice for every occasion. In fact, the Cloud 9 is a great mix of style and performance and has also been equipped with Servotec Light on the top part of the ski – providing an even more effortless and energy-saving glide on the piste. The high-quality HEAD Real Joy women's ski (RRP € 500.00) takes you effortlessly through the whole day. This ski is a comfortable, sporty all-rounder that guarantees optimum weight distribution and perfect balance and control thanks to Graphene technology. The ski is extremely energy-saving and supports the skier in their technique. For those women who care about more than just the perfect turn when skiing, the Salomon S/Max W6 (RRP: € 399.99) is the perfect ski: it's easy to control and still ensures precise turns all day long. The edges experience even higher energy transfer, resulting in more grip on the edges and uniquely grippy skiing.

The HEAD Supershape e-Magnum (RRP: € 850.00) was developed for the classic all-terrain skier who needs a reliable performance ski. Slightly easier to handle than a high-performance race ski, the e-Magnum offers premium performance features and effortless handling for the ultimate ski day on (and even off) the slopes. It has the new innovative EMC technology that reduces vibrations and increases stability to create a smoother skiing experience. And no matter how long you're enjoying the slopes, you can count on the e-Magnum – on and off the piste. The absolute all-rounder among the Supershapes.



For medium-length radii on hard slopes, sporty skiers choose the Blizzard Thunderbird R15 (RRP: € 900.00) with the Marker TPX12 demo binding. The Trueblend Piste Woodcore, a wood core with longitudinally glued wood types of different hardness, gives the ski its dynamic and agile behaviour on hard slopes. In addition, the Blizzard saves weight thanks to its wooden core. Active Carbon Armor technology, a free-sliding carbon plate on the ski, absorbs recoil and vibrations in a controlled manner. In addition, the Thunderbird R15 convinces with its durability and value.

Ski tours

Light, lighter, touring skis. This development in the industry is no coincidence, as they have to be brought up the mountain with muscle power. In addition, the models for the coming winter season are characterised above all by stability and safety. And the range of good touring skis is growing. So if you want to buy a ski that is right for you but you don't have much experience, you need a good and committed salesperson. This is because the differences are big and the ski should "support" the skier to the best of their ability.

It's all here

The Atomic Backland 86 SL is an extremely light and versatile ski for touring – a slightly wider ski with super-light SL fibreglass, ultra-light wood core and Atomic's Carbon Backbone. This combination of materials results in a super-light ski with high efficiency on the ascent and a balanced feel and stable performance on the descent. Thanks to the All Mountain Rocker and HRZN Tech at the tip of the ski, it also offers sensational lift in powder and ploughs confidently through choppy snow and crushed snow with less spring in the shovel. The notch at the tip of the ski makes it quick and easy to attach and remove Atomic's PreFit skins.

  • Unisex model
  • Women's model: Backland W series

Compatible with: Skin 85/85

  • These high-quality skins with PreFit Cut for the entire Atomic Backland series no longer require any additional adjustment. They are made of 70% mohair mix and thus offer super-strong grip when climbing. Extremely durable and robust.
  • To complete the set: Backland Tour
  • The Backland Tour is the practical and super-light pin binding for ski touring from Atomic. Just like the entire Backland line, it is incredibly robust and at the same time easy to handle: The patented entry aid on the toe automatically positions the boot correctly for clicking in. The two climbing aids can be folded forwards independently of the rear jaw and offer three walking positions: 0°, 7° or 13°
  • Further details: 
    • 40 mm wide mounting plate (max. power transmission)
    • Weight from 398 g per pair
    • Compatible with commercially available crampons
    • Sole length can be adjusted by 30 mm

Der Vielseitige & der Freerider

Extrem leicht, maximale Performance beim Aufstieg, bessere Kraftübertragung und mehr Stabilität – dafür steht der Blizzard Zero G 85 (UVP: € 600,–) genauso wie der Scott Pure (UVP: € 699,95). Der Tourenski von Blizzard erlangt seine Leichtigkeit und stabile Ausrichtung durch die Carbon Drive 2.0 Technologie. Die Carbon-Struktur liefert Torsionssteifigkeit sowie optimalen Flex, daher überzeugt das Leichtgewicht auch mit seiner Abfahrtsqualität. Für bessere Kraftübertragung und mehr Sicherheit hat Blizzard im Bindungsbereich zwei Carbon-Verstärkungen verbaut. Der Uphiller der Zero G-Kollektion hat eine Mittelbreite von 85 Millimeter. Seine fehlerverzeihende Art und die Laufruhe bei hohen Geschwindigkeiten machen den Ski vielseitig einsetzbar. Der Pure wurde von und für Profi-Freeskier Jeremie Heitz entwickelt. Er verfügt über eine progressive Titanal-Schicht, die einen extremen harmonischen Flex und eine zusätzliche Kraftübertragung aus der Kurve heraus ermöglicht, während der Ski durch seine Stabilität die Linie beim Big-Mountain-Skifahren sicher hält. Das Beeindruckende an ihm: der Dual-Power-Holzkern, eine Kombination aus Paulownia-Holz und zwei Buchenholz-Streben, die über die gesamte Länge des Skis verlaufen und für einen zusätzlichen Vorteil bei der Torsionssteifigkeit sorgen.

Extremely light, maximum performance on the ascent, better power transfer and more stability – that's what the Blizzard Zero G 85 (RRP: € 600.00) stands for, just like the Scott Pure (RRP: € 699.95). The touring ski from Blizzard achieves its lightness and stable alignment through Carbon Drive 2.0 technology. The carbon structure delivers torsional stiffness as well as optimal flex, which is why the light weight also convinces with its downhill quality. For better power transfer and more safety, Blizzard has installed two carbon reinforcements in the binding area. The Uphiller of the Zero G collection has a centre width of 85 millimetres.

Its forgiving nature and smooth running at high speeds make the ski versatile. The Pure was developed by and for professional freeskier Jeremie Heitz. It features a progressive Titanal layer that provides extreme harmonic flex and extra power transfer out of the turn, while the ski's stability keeps the line safe for big-mountain skiing. The impressive thing about it: the Dual Power wood core, a combination of paulownia wood and two beechwood struts that run the entire length of the ski and provide an additional advantage in torsional stiffness.

For touring enthusiasts

The Transalp 86 Carbon takes you over all mountains. Carbon fibres and the Air Tec wood core with titanal reinforcement in the binding area make the ski not only very light, but also torsionally stiff and stable. Thanks to its medium width, this ski is ideal for touring enthusiasts who want to enjoy long effortless ascents without sacrificing downhill performance. The women's model can be found under the name Transalp 86 Carbon WS

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