Sustainability on the piste at last!

At a time when ecological issues are becoming ever more present, Rossignol has made a pioneering statement in terms of environmental protection. With the ESSENTIAL ski, a ski has been developed that not only delivers top performance on the piste, but also makes a positive contribution to nature..

The first recycled ski

Designers, material engineers, production technicians and recycling specialists have joined forces to create a true recycling reference in the ski industry. The result of their collaboration is impressive: the ESSENTIAL ski is ten times more recyclable than conventional skis! A revolutionary 77 per cent of the materials can be reused, compared to just seven per cent for traditional models. This is a quantum leap in the ski industry and the first ecological breakthrough in this sector.

"At the heart of this project is the idea of the circular economy. Every aspect of the ESSENTIAL ski has been developed from start to finish with this principle in mind: from the choice of materials to manufacturing and marketing - everything follows a sustainable cycle."

Sustainability at all levels

But it's not just the recyclability that makes the ESSENTIAL ski so special. Rossignol has set itself the goal of making the entire life cycle of the ski sustainable. The result is impressive: The ski consists of 62 per cent recycled, certified natural and organically produced materials. No solvents or water are used in the decor and only renewable energy is used in the manufacturing process. Each ski is also produced with a focus on a long service life.

From the gateway to the cycle

Of course, the repair and reuse of intact skis is also an integral part of the concept. Defective skis are sent in, professionally repaired and reused. This means that ESSENTIAL skis last a long time even after intensive use and help to conserve resources. And what happens at the end? Rossignol didn't want such a sustainable product to end up in the rubbish anyway. If the skis are no longer usable, they are simply handed in to a collection centre. There, 77 per cent of them are recycled and returned to the material cycle. Aluminium, steel and wood are given a second chance here, helping to create new products for various industries. A well thought-out and holistic approach that shows what an ecological future in the ski industry can look like.

 "Choosing the ESSENTIAL ski means more than just buying a new piece of sports equipment - it means actively supporting nature and the future of skiing. With every turn, we set an example for sustainability together."

Get the ESSENTIAL skis from Rossignol - for responsible skiing fun and a world that we protect together!
Holzski von Rossignol
ESSENTIAL skis from Rossignol
The ESSENTIAL ski is available in lengths of 156, 161, 166 and 171 cm.
UVP: € 820,–

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