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Developed by passionate athletes: The new WITEBLAZE label from SPORT 2000 offers durable multi-use products in a tidy design and numerous options for sports layering.

With WITEBLAZE, a new label entered the shops of SPORT 2000 partners in spring 2023. The aim was to create a versatile, durable range that is one thing above all else: multifunctional. With the label, SPORT 2000 wants to initiate a rethink within the industry. Products should be suitable for several sports - in other words, they should be able to be used crossover. "Not too much, not too little" is the principle behind WITEBLAZE, which unites all relevant sports under one roof. It is aimed at all athletes - from outdoor enthusiasts and keen runners to urban fitness fans.

One product for many areas

The multi-use products can be used across all segments, are easy to combine, are designed to appeal in the long term and cover numerous types of sport. WITEBLAZE products are therefore ideal for crossover athletes for whom "less is more" and who value sustainable consumption. The 360° approach offers textiles, shoes, equipment and sports-specific expertise articles.

Clean, timeless, sustainable

WITEBLAZE replaces all previous exclusive brands of the Verbund Group. The collections are characterised by straightforwardness, functionality, uncompromising quality, lightness and a clean, timeless design language. When it comes to raw materials, there is a strong focus on responsible resources, PFC-free materials and environmentally friendly packaging. Wherever possible, production takes place in Europe.

WITEBLAZE product world

Outdoor, walking, running, trail running, swimming/beach, biking, winter sports, fitness, yoga, recreation, sportstyle, leisure, racket, climbing, funwheel, travelling, camping

Off on a snowshoe hike with WITEBLAZE

When the white gold transforms the alpine landscape into a winter wonderland, it opens up the opportunity for a fascinating winter activity: snowshoeing. The winter landscape can be experienced in all its splendour on snow-covered paths. To really enjoy the adventure, your clothing needs to protect you and keep you warm and dry. As you can both work up a sweat and cool down quickly during a snowshoe hike, the onion principle is recommended. 

Advantages of sport layering

Wearing several layers helps to better regulate your body temperature in changing temperatures and weather conditions and makes sense for any sport. A typical layering could consist of a moisture-wicking base layer, an insulating mid-layer and a wind and water repellent outer layer. WITEBLAZE offers practical solutions to dress optimally and enjoy every winter activity to the fullest.


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