Touring ski

Discover the beautiful winter landscape on your cross-country skis. XC skiing is a great alternative to skiing on groomed pistes and relatively easy to learn. After only a few hours of theoretical and practical instructions, beginners can get on the tracks and start to glide through the winter wonderland. No matter if beginner or advanced skier, our professional team is looking forward to find the perfect cross-country ski gear for you.

Cross-country skis- classic of skating?

Cross-country slopes are divided into classic and skating slopes. Skating moves are similar to ice skating moves. It is quicker and yet more exhausting form of cross-country skiing. Skating skis are normally shorter in length but the ski sticks are longer Different from classic slopes, skating are even and plane to guarantee enough space for the free moves. Many of our SPORT 2000 rent partners have a great offer of both classic and skating cross-country skis.

cross country ski at SPORT 2000 rent
sample of cross country ski


Cross country ski boot

It is important to find a ski boot that fits well as it influences the moves. Both in classic and skating, the ski boot goes up to the ankle and consists of a flexible material. The skating shoe is made of stronger material to support the ankle and prepare it for the ice skating-like moves. The shoe sole also varies between classic and skating.

cross country ski boot at SPORT 2000 rent
sample cross country ski boot


Cross-country ski sticks

Cross-country sticks are made of light metal or synthetic. They are longer than conventional ski boots, they can come up to your eyes. Especially for skating, skis sticks are very important as they help you to gain speed and power for the moves. Book your SPORT 2000 rent sticks now. 

Our local SPORT 2000 partners are looking forward to advise you about the right choice of your cross-country ski equipment.

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