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What influence will Corona have on the 2021/22 ski season?

After the lockdown and a ski season last year that was affected by many restrictions, the current winter season 2021/22 sees a return to a bit more normality and we lift good news: The ski resorts in Austria are open - also for tourists. And: More and more relaxations are coming into force that will enable a carefree winter holiday in 2022.

After the end of the Austria-wide lockdown, we can once again enjoy winter in all its glory on the ski slopes of the Alpine region. The ski season is in full swing. But because of Corona, winter sports enthusiasts have to observe some rules.
Many therefore ask themselves:  Where can I go on a skiing holiday this winter? Until when can I cancel? Can I party at the après-ski again? Do I have to be vaccinated for a holiday in the ski resorts or is a negative Corona test also sufficient? Whether lifts, restaurants or accommodation - The ski resorts are currently opening their doors to the unvaccinated again.  

We reveal what you can expect in the coming ski season and why all skiers can look forward to a slope experience - almost like in pre-Corona times!


News: These rules apply to skiing in 2021/22

The 2021/22 ski season is not entirely without measures to combat the coronavirus. Ski resorts, restaurants, hotels, lifts and co. have defined measures so that all winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy skiing again. We'll keep you up to date with the latest ski winter news and measures here. In general: check the website of the ski resort before your holiday and follow the rules set by the government. The latest news keeps you informed about where and how the season – despite Corona – will run and what measures are currently in place:

  • Corona relaxations on a grand scale: Since Saturday, 5 March 2022, almost all Corona rules in Austria have fallen. For example, you no longer need 3G proof if you want to go skiing or eat in a restaurant. Except for "highly vulnerable settings" (e.g. hospitals), there are now no access restrictions throughout Austria. Night catering and après-ski venues are also allowed to open again - without closing time or other restrictions. 

    o Access restrictions are widely abolished.
    o Nightlife is allowed again. The curfew for the hospitality industry no longer applies.
    o There is no maximum number of people.
    o The ban on consumption at events is lifted.

    Only Vienna takes a special approach: Here, among other things, the 2G rule remains in restaurants and nightclubs.
  • Skiing is possible for everyone again: Even when skiing - i.e. in lifts and gondolas - there are no more access rules: You no longer need to provide proof of 2G, 2G+ or 3G. You also no longer need proof of vaccination for trips to Austria.

  •  FFP2 mask requirement no longer applies: Wearing masks is recommended, but is currently no longer compulsory. 
    Exceptions: The FFP2 mask must still be worn in shops for daily needs as well as in public transport (taxis & buses, but not cable cars), pharmacies, petrol stations, banks, post offices and in health and care facilities. 
  • Celebrating at après-ski possible again: There is no longer a curfew for nightlife since 5 March. Après-ski venues also reopen. Here you can party - almost like in the times before Corona.
  • Validity of vaccination certificates: Since the beginning of February, the validity of a double vaccination is 180 days. For people under 18, the double vaccination counts 210 days. The booster vaccination remains valid for 270 days.
  • Entering Austria: Those who want to enter Austria currently no longer need proof of 2G. However, for holidaymakers aged 12 and over, the 3G rule applies on entry (antigen test: valid for 24 h, PCR test: valid for 72 h).

  • Return journey from Austria: Since 3 March, Austria is no longer a high-risk area and the quarantine for unvaccinated persons no longer applies. The 3G rule therefore also applies as a basis for the return journey to Germany. Unvaccinated persons aged 12 and over therefore need a negative coronal test (antigen or PCR test).

Whether it's skiing, cross-country skiing, tobogganing or one of the many other options you enjoy on a winter holiday in Austria, the hosts and all SPORT 2000 rent dealers are well prepared. 

So - wherever it is prescribed - observe the 2G (Plus) rule. Then nothing will stand in the way of extended skiing pleasure in the 2021/22 winter season. We are looking forward to your visit!

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Can i Ski in times of Corona?                                  

One thing is certain: whether skiing, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing – we are talking about outdoor sports. On the slopes we spend the whole day outdoors, filling up on fresh air and vitamin D. Snowboarding or skiing is always associated with the feeling of freedom. You canfind the right equipment for an unforgettable experience on the slopes and trails at SPORT 2000 rent rental stations and there are many more reasons why a skiing holiday is worthwhile this year too.

You experience unique nature:
The unparalleled view of the valley from the summit, the snow under your skis and the clear winter air filling your nostrils: skiing brings you closer to nature.

Your workout is included:
Get on your skis and go. Strap on your snowboard or skis! Because: on a winter holiday you train your entire body and have fun in the process. Skiing is a workout for your arms, stomach, back, legs and buttocks. It also makes you mentally fit. Furthermore, you train your endurance. You boost your metabolism, which is not inconvenient during Christmas cookie season. On average, we burn 400-600 kcal per hour while skiing. So skiing is right up there when it comes to calorie consumption.

You're promoting your health:
Especially at altitude, fat burning is stimulated and the blood is pumped faster through the veins. This is good for your blood pressure and increases the oxygen supply to the brain. Vessels and tissue are kept healthy. Exercise in the fresh air improves lung capacity. Your balance and flexibility are improved.

You increase your well-being:
Blue skies, a freshly groomed slope and a magnificent mountain panorama – is there anything more beautiful? Endorphins are released while skiing. Even a day trip to a ski resort can increase our satisfaction. The little problems at home fade into the background, stress and even depression are minimised. You simply feel free and happy!

You meet new people:
Skiing is more than just carving down a piste. Whether moguls, steep slopes or the trip to the top – a skiing holiday is characterised by variety and surprises. Downhill, you carve your turns through the white powder snow. We conquer the spacious slopes alone. Yet winter sport also has other facets: we make new acquaintances on the ski-lift as it makes its way to the top, queuing in front of the lift or partying at the hut; and all that in a very concentrated space. At least that was the case before this winter.

Skiing holidays 2021/22 in Austria - is that possible?

In 2021/22 it's finally time to go skiing again. Whether snowboarding or skiing, cross-country skiing in Austria's most beautiful ski resorts, ski boot hiking or tobogganing - the coming ski season will once again attract winter fans to the Alpine Republic.

Since 05 March 2022, most of the Corona rules have also fallen on Austria's slopes. This means that cable car and gondola operators are once again allowed to transport people who cannot provide proof of 3G. Wearing an FFP2 mask in the lifts, in gastronomy and in tourism businesses is also no longer obligatory - but still recommended. 

Where and when the ski resorts start the new season

The first glacier ski areas in Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol have already resumed operations, and this winter there will also be a ski opening in many places. Here we reveal which rules will apply in which country.

  • Austria: Ski resorts in Austria will be allowed to resume operations in winter 2021/22. Restaurants, huts and hotels can once again receive guests from all over the world - since 5 March even without a 3G certificate! Access restrictions are likewise dropped for skiing. The mask requirement in ski lifts and gondolas as well as in the waiting area is no longer applicable in all areas of the ski resorts. 
  • Germany: Unlike last winter, German ski resorts should be allowed to open their gates again in 2021/22. Different regulations currently apply here.
    o Bavaria: The 2G rule applies to cable cars and ski lifts in Bavaria. In addition, there are certain capacity restrictions for gondolas. 
    o Baden-Württemberg: Here, depending on the infection situation, 3G, 2G or 2G-Plus applies. 
    o Thuringia: In Thuringia, the ski lifts are currently still open under the 3G rules.
    o North Rhine-Westphalia: In the Winterberg ski area, 2G has already been in force on the slopes and in the huts since the opening in November.

    For all provinces, the 3G rule applies in hotels and restaurants.
  • Italy/South Tyrol: You want to spend your skiing holiday in Italy? In this case, you have to fill out an online form before entering the country. However, as of 1 February, vaccinated and recovered persons no longer have to show a negative test.
  • SwitzerlandSwitzerland had already opened ski lifts and slopes - also for tourists - last winter. Skiing operations were also resumed in 2021/22. Similar to Austria, there are no more entry restrictions. Wearing a mask is recommended but not mandatory.


Rules for Aprés-Ski 2021/22

Still out and about after a great day on the slopes? When the sun disappears behind the mountains and it gets dark outside, the majority of ski holidaymakers are drawn to the busy pubs and bars. Live music, good food and a drink or two. For most, après-ski is as much a part of the winter holiday as the skiing itself, and some drive to the well-known hotspots like Ischgl, Kitzbühel, St. Anton or Zell am See specifically forthat.

Fun and party in the huts, bars or pubs of the ski resorts – that's what we know and love – but what does the corona virus mean for après-ski?

Until 4 March 2022, it was possible to have a drink after skiing, but there was a curfew for après-ski. Many skiers also already missed dancing or loud music in the huts. Everyone had to stay at their table, only a maximum number of people were allowed. Now the nightlife has reopened, the curfew has been dropped and partying is also possible as usual - without masks or access restrictions - at the après-ski in the Austrian winter sports resorts!

What you should consider as a winter sportsperson

"Stay safe together" - To make sure we all get through the 2021/22 ski season healthy, you should know what the rules are and stick to them. For your safety and that of everyone else!

Even though most of the rules are currently dropped, you should keep the following tips for your own and others' protection:

  • Show 2G proof if requested
  • Disinfect hands
  • Ensure that the room/lift is ventilated.
  • Refrain from shaking hands
  • Sneeze/cough into the crook of your arm or a handkerchief
  • Follow the instructions of the staff

The mobile phone as a ski ticket

Reduce the possibilities of infection: this is the goal of the measures in times of Covid-19. So that mountain ski-lifts can ensure safe operations for their guests, more and more new gadgets are coming onto the market. Bluetooth Low Energy radio technology is now being used as a digital alternative to the classic ski ticket.

  1. The purchase takes place entirely online.
  2. When the skier enters the scanning area of the gate, the mobile phone automatically connects via Bluetooth.
  3. The ticket is checked.
  4. The gate will then open automatically.
  5. This enables contactless access.

During access, the mobile phone stays in the jacket and the gloves stay on. No waiting at the ticket booth and no danger of getting too close to someone. During the coming season, the mobile ticket will be tested in six countries across Europe.

Important questions and answers concerning Covid-19

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go on a skiing holiday without being vaccinated?

The winter season once again poses many questions for all winter sports fans. 
For all those who are unvaccinated, it was hard to think of a skiing holiday in Austria this winter. Things are very different now: Access restrictions have been lifted throughout Austria - this applies to the ski slopes as well as to hotels and restaurants.
Thanks to the 3G rule, travelling in and out is much easier than it was a few weeks ago. Quarantine regulations no longer apply.

Should I still book ski holidays in times of Corona?

After last season's experiences, many accommodations currently offer very flexible cancellation conditions. We recommend that you inform yourself thoroughly with your tour operator or the hotel of your choice so that you can travel on holiday without any worries. Finally, we look forward to welcoming you soon on a holiday in Austria!

Can I cancel my booked ski equipment?

At SPORT 2000 rent you have the possibility to add the option free cancellation to every booking. This way you can be on the safe side even in times of Corona. Find out more now and benefit from various advantages at your SPORT 2000 rent ski rental!


The time has finally come: After many lockdowns and months of strict rules, Austria has abolished almost all Corona measures since 5 March. For the most part, the admission regulations are lifted. Nightlife has also reopened its doors. So it's almost like it used to be. The SPORT 2000 team is looking forward to your visit and to a great ski season 2021/22!

We want you to be well informed and stay healthy. That's why this article is constantly updated.
Last update: March 7th, 2022